People ask why the pineapple?

The short answer, "It's a reminder to Crusade against the Mundane."

This is the ethos taken into every project. Into every aspect of life.

Hey I’m Alex Shapiro, 

although you probably know me 

as SOMESHAP from social media.

I’m a South African based filmmaker, photographer and adventure enthusiast with a passion to reconnect people to wild spaces.

My deep love for adventure and new discoveries first brought me to the outdoors as well as sharing stories that matter. 

I create branded documentaries, though, as a versatile filmmaker/photographer, I can create all kinds of work. 

From Documentaries, Creative Content, Corporate, Weddings & Social.

Keeping our work diverse allows my team and I to stay upbeat and progressive.

And yes you read correctly, team. 

Here we work on a collaborative style. 

Keeping the crew small for efficiency and speed, being able to have the right person for the project.

The team also expands to include you. 

On almost every project we use a production software that allows you to be a part of the process every step of the way.

Creating your story whether video or photo, it is important to us that we are all on the same page always

and able to produce the deliverables required.

What area are you located in?

Our studio is located in Hoedspruit South Africa, however we operate all over Africa.

How do your operations work?

We work in 5 stages.

1 - A discovery call / questionair session to determine your projects needs.

2 - Pre-Production: If Quote is accepted with pre-production days, we create a project board in our easy to use platform. This is where we build your idea together.

3 - Production according to plans made in step 2.

4 - Post Production according to step 2.

5 - Delivery of the goods :) All tracked on our software each step of the way.

What are your rates?

We offer various tailored packages to suit your projects needs and budgets.

Plus we have a set rates card for more traditional productions sent on request. 

Do you offer any other services?

Our network of talented creatives spans the region. Whatever is required for your project, we will ensure that you have access to the top talent to get it done.

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